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Title: A Gala Performance (They're Playing Our Song Remix)
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
Rating: U
Summary: It's pure coincidence that the Mariinsky's current opera season happens to include Enrico Bruni's La Forza dell'Amore, with its well-known aria Stammi Vicino. It's anything but coincidence that Viktor Nikiforov has bought out an entire box for its opening night performance.
Notes: Written for Remix Revival Madness 2017. (Also on AO3.) A very last-minute, eleventh-hour remix idea that refused to let go of me, based on El Staplador's wonderful concept of the opera that Stammi Vicino might have come from. With apologies that it couldn't be longer, owing to the imminent opening of the collection -- one can only imagine that the three of them had some interesting conversations during intermission as well!

Disclaimer note: None of the performers mentioned in this fic are real singers, but for this performance the main roles are as follows:
- Pietro (mezzo-soprano en travesti) - Alina Terentova
- Ettore (tenor) - Daniel Sedick
- Maria (soprano) - Nadezhda Polovenko

A Gala Performance (They're Playing Our Song Remix) )

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Title: Tsukumogami (The Subtle Knife Remix)
Fandom: Joker Game
Rating: 12
Summary: The men of the D Agency have learned that every last fragment of their identities is disposable, including their souls. But are true monsters made, or born? [Alternative Universe - Daemon AU]
Notes: This story is a remix of [ profile] makiyakinabe's tools of the trade, written for Remix Revival 2017. (Also on AO3.)
The first section of this work contains a heavy fixation on knives and cutting (in a magical and not necessarily literal self-harming sense) which may affect those who are sensitive to such things. Reader discretion is advised. Additional notes are at the end.

Tsukumogami (The Subtle Knife Remix) )

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There are times when you have to take a plot bunny out behind the shed and quietly do away with it before it eats everything in sight. So when I was hit with an awful, soul-crushing fusion idea for Yuri!!! on Ice and Puella Magi Madoka Magica -- in which Yuri Plisetsky is essentially Akemi Homura, a once sweet and charming child turned bitter and cold-hearted by a thousand failed timeloops in which he's been unable to stop his friends from dying or turning into witches -- I had to bash out this ficlet and throttle the concept at the source.

Tidied up from the original anon posting at fail_fandomanon. Title from the Madoka ED Magia by Kalafina. Some text modified from Madoka EP 10. Warning for Madoka-canon-typical violent character death.

I Am the Sleepless Tomorrow )

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For a trope prompt request, [personal profile] karanguni asked me for an immortality AU. I suppose that being post-canon, this Mononoke-hime ficlet doesn't entirely count as an AU. However, restoring the Shishigami's head like that must have had some lasting effect on both Ashitaka and San, though for Ashitaka the change would be more noticeable.

Adagio of Life and Death )

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For a trope prompt request, [personal profile] skygiants asked me for a soulmate AU with George Orwell. Normally, I don't much care for soulmate AUs, because for me more often than not they take half the fun out of the ostensible ship. But in this case, Eileen O'Shaughnessy was an incredible woman in her own right, who died tragically during a hysterectomy, and it's not too much of a stretch to rewrite their first meeting as soulmate RPF -- of the kind where your soulmate's life flashes before your eyes the first time you touch.

if that is granted, all else follows )

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Title: Redefining Reality
Fandom: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun | A Certain Scientific Railgun
Rating: G
Summary: The thing about Personal Reality, Ruiko knows, is that it means something different to everyone. Finding her own definition of it is not quite as simple as everyone else would have her believe. But she'll find it, no matter what it takes.
Notes: Written for [ profile] Starrie_Wolf for Yuletide 2016. (Also on AO3.) Spoilers for the first full season of the Railgun anime. Additional notes are at the end.

Redefining Reality )

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Title: Take Off Your Shoes, Make Yourself at Home
Fandom: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE! | Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!
Rating: G
Summary: It's the first time that Atsushi has been over to Kinshirou's house since their falling-out. Naturally, Kinshirou is going to an extra effort to make his old friend feel at home, and he might even succeed at it. (If he doesn't give himself a nervous breakdown in the process, that is.)
Notes: Written for [ profile] lidoxia for the 2016 Starlit Skies Boueibu Christmas Exchange. This story incorporates a few points from the Student Council manga, specifically the combined trip for CoCoKaRa curry from the bonus manga chapter. I couldn't quite make the boys kiss or confess in this one, Lidoxia, but I hope this gives them a push in the right direction! (Also on AO3.)

Take Off Your Shoes, Make Yourself at Home )

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Title: Season's Greetings (Three Months Late)
Fandom: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE! | Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!
Rating: G
Summary: When Goura finds a forgotten bag of Christmas presents stuffed at the back of a kitchen cupboard, Yumoto briefly panics before deciding that it's better late than never for the student council members to receive them. He'll simply have to act fast, that's all -- before the graduation ceremony begins.
Notes: Written for the Boueibu Christmas Festival Free-for-All, Round 2, for [personal profile] mystofthestars's gift prompt for the Student Council to receive something wrapped in Christmas gift-wrap -- except that now it's spring from the Defense Club. (I'm breaking my own promise to myself to not write graduation-fic on the hopes that we might have a canon OAV or manga chapter about it someday, but the prompt and the idea that came out of it was too cute to resist.) (Also on AO3.)

Season's Greetings (Three Months Late) )

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Title: Ghosts on a Late Autumn Night
Fandom: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE! | Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!
Rating: G
Relationship: Kinugawa Atsushi & Kusatsu Kinshirou
Summary: One moonlit night in late autumn, at a small shrine halfway up a steep hill, two small boys had been frightened by a ghostly presence. Almost ten years later, the boys have returned to the same shrine, where they will find that the ghosts of their past may well be more than just the memories they have brought with them.
Notes: Written as an extra trick/treat for [ profile] Allekha for Trick or Treat 2016. Set shortly after the end of Season 1, before the Student Council leaves to study abroad. (Also on AO3.)

Ghosts on a Late Autumn Night )

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Title: Curiosity Had Nothing to Do With It
Fandom: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE! | Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!
Rating: G
Relationship: Kinugawa Atsushi & Kusatsu Kinshirou & Yufuin En. (On the gen side of Kinatsuen, because one of them is a cat and this is not that kind of fic.)
Summary: A glitch in Wombat's highly advanced scientific technology grants En's idle wish for a cat. The cat in question is not very happy about it.
Notes: Written for the Boueibu Christmas Festival Free-for-All, Round 1. Set between seasons 1 and 2, and inspired by the comic anthology chapter in which Wombat's technology misfires spectacularly when he gets sick. (Also on AO3.)

Curiosity Had Nothing to Do With It )

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Title: Helix, Unfurled
Fandom: Kara no Kyoukai | The Garden of Sinners
Rating: 12/PG
Summary: In the aftermath of the confrontation at the Ogawa apartment complex, three survivors leave the battlefield relatively unscathed. In Touko's mind, this should feel like more of an achievement than it actually does.
Notes: Written as an extra treat for [ profile] failsafe for Trick or Treat 2016. Contains major spoilers for Mujun Rasen | Paradox Spiral, and some foreshadowing for Satsujin Kousatsu (Go) | A Study in Murder - Part II. (Also on AO3.)

Helix, Unfurled )

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[personal profile] silveraspen suggested Utena fic to the prompt the first time that Mikage met Anthy (in the Black Rose cycle). So with a hefty dose of T. S. Eliot's Four Quartets to set the mood, I came up with this particular encounter. Set between episodes 13 and 14, and with implied spoilers for the entire Black Rose arc....

neither budding nor fading )

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[personal profile] ceitfianna suggested Hetalia fic to the prompt Switzerland and either the hidden bunkers or internal language issues. So I thought of a steel door I'd seen in the side of a mountain, and the fact that Liechtenstein likely returned to her own house after the end of World War II....

The Fortress on the Rhine )

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[personal profile] ashkitty suggested Dark Is Rising fic to the prompt The time Bran got involved with Cymdeithas yr Iaith. This is definitely set in the Eirias Triad universe, in the very early 1980s, not long after the events of Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau. In which one of Cymdeithas yr Iaith's most promising young leaders is planning a protest over Westminster's foot-dragging approach to Welsh-language television broadcasting....

Lighting Up the Airwaves )

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Title: The (Wrong) Color of Money
Fandom: Hetalia
Rating: G
Summary: America has a little cash problem. Switzerland can only help so much.
Notes: Technically, this story takes place a few years earlier than the present day, since printing technologies have improved a bit since then...but it's still topical, even now. (Also on AO3.)

The (Wrong) Color of Money )

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Title: Local Knowledge
Fandom: Ghostbusters (2016)
Rating: G
Summary: Something strange is brewing in the nation's capital, and Patty calls on a contact from her network of historians to help pinpoint the source.
Notes: Having at last had a chance to see Ghostbusters recently, I posted the following on Twitter: So I finally saw Ghostbusters, and now I want all the fic about Patty and her personal network of local historians and museum staff. She gets full access to their resources and invites to special events. They keep the GB on speed dial for troubleshooting purposes. Win-win.

[personal profile] skygiants promptly replied: I want you to write yourself a self-insert fic about this.

Now, I don't consider myself to be a true local historian, but when it comes to Cold War and nuclear history, there's one very local tale that immediately came to mind. So here's the hastily written, blatant author self-insert flashfic that spilled forth, totally not meant to be taken seriously by anyone, including the author.

Local Knowledge )

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Title: Closed Hands, Open Hearts
Fandom: 咲 -Saki-
Rating: G
Summary: Hisa wants to become stronger, so she sets herself up to play against the three people who can give her the kind of challenge she needs. (Even if it's a bit more of a challenge than she thought it would be.)
Notes: Written for [ profile] maat_seshat for Parallels 2016. (Also on AO3.) Set during the combined schools training camp (manga volumes 7 and 8), particularly between chapters 62 and 63. All other notes are at the end.

Closed Hands, Open Hearts )

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With my permission, [ profile] creepy_pillow (Пеле) has translated my Hetalia fic A Brand Plucked Out of the Burning into Russian and has posted it here at

My Russian knowledge is quite limited, but from what I can tell it looks to be a very fine translation, and I'm supremely impressed by and grateful for the time and effort taken over it. Большо́е спаси́бо!
Title: Water Offerings
Fandom: Gakkou Gurashi! | School-Live!
Rating: T
Summary: In any survival situation, the importance of water cannot be underestimated.
Notes: Written for [ profile] ried for Yuletide 2015. (Also on AO3.) Spoilers for the series in general, at least through EP 10. All notes are at the end.

Water Offerings )

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