Title: A Matter of Finesse
Fandom: House of Cards
Rating: 12/PG (implied noncanonical m/m relationship)
Originally posted: Yuletide 2007 (also available at AO3)
Summary: In March 1979, Conservative Party whip Francis Urquhart is about to engineer the downfall of the Labour Government -- and he has no intention of letting an overeager young policy researcher muck things up. Pre-canon, implied (but only implied) Francis Urquhart/Tim Stamper.
Disclaimer: All original works are copyright of their respective owners; I lay claim only to this particular story.
Notes: The initial framing idea for 'A Matter of Finesse' is heavily based on the actual series of events that led up to the 1979 General Election, in which Jim Callaghan's Labour Government was turned out of office and replaced by a Conservative Government under Margaret Thatcher. As a result, the events of this story take place approximately 11 years before the events of House of Cards. With a few minor adjustments to compensate for the fictional nature of the series, all of the parliamentary procedures and other political aspects of this story -- including the arcane legal and constitutional regulations of life and death in the Palace of Westminster -- are quite true and accurate.

A Matter of Finesse )

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