Title: The Girl With the Red Shoes
Fandom: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon | Pretty Soldier Sailormoon (manga)
Rating: U
Summary: On a well-travelled street in the middle of Azabu Juuban, there is a statue of a young girl wearing a pair of red shoes.
Notes: Written for [archiveofourown.org profile] inklesspen for Rarewomen 2013. (Also on AO3.) This story operates on the manga canon timeline, in which Setsuna is a physics student at K.O. University during the Infinity arc (Sailormoon S), having been reincarnated following her death as Sailor Pluto at the end of the Black Moon arc (Sailormoon R). Reika is introduced as a fellow science student at the university -- and as Motoki's girlfriend -- around the same time. Additional notes are at the end.

The Girl With the Red Shoes )

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